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With eight locations in the northeastern United States, Dinosaur Bar-B-Qe was looking for SEO to increase their digital presence. Known for its barbeque, they wanted to rank for barbecue, bbq catering, and dinosaur bar-b-que. The Dinosaur Bar-B-Que website needed a boost, but there were many options for SEO strategies to use.

Topics: El Camino Mongolian BBQ closes permanently

After 25 years in business, Santa Clara's beloved El Camino Mongolian BBQ has closed permanently, citing the pandemic as the cause of the sudden closure. Founders Sunny and John Seo plan to return to their native South Korea, but hope that someone else will take their place. El Camino Mongolian BBQ was a Santa Clara favorite with its bowl meals and crispy egg rolls, but now the owners say they must leave the city due to "personal and family challenges."

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The closure comes amid a string of other Bay Area restaurant closures, including the Hong Kong District's Ken Kee Cafe, the storied Rocky Point Restaurant in Santa Clara, Lafayette's Millie's Kitchen, and the venerable El Camino Mongolian BBQ, which opened in 1993 and has been a Santa Clara mainstay for over 20 years. All three have longtime fans and are well-known in the city.

It is unknown whether El Camino Mongolian BBQ will reopen, but the local community is hoping for the best. The restaurant's thriving takeout business hasn't matched the full-service business, so the owners may have to leave the country within three months. The couple purchased the business in 2004 and got a PPP loan. They are not U.S. citizens and have been in the U.S. for over 20 years.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que will close permanently

In the wake of the recent health scare at Dinosaur Bar-B-Qe in Newark, N.J., the restaurant chain is considering shutting down all of its locations. The Newark Dinosaur is one of several locations impacted by the coronavirus. The restaurant, which also has locations in Brooklyn and Stamford, NY, is now offering only indoor seating and is cancelling all of its live entertainment. It is currently offering sick pay for staff members and has stopped hiring new staff. The Newark location has also temporarily closed its doors and will only have indoor seating, a move the company says will help reduce the number of complaints.

The original restaurant opened as a food truck in Syracuse in 1988. Today, there are six Dinosaur locations across New York state. In addition to its popular barbecue, Dinosaur has won multiple awards, including the National Association of Barbecue's Best Barbecue in America. Its original restaurant has since closed. Until now, there has never been a shortage of satisfied customers. The company grew from one food truck to six locations, and has even produced a cookbook.

The Stamford Dinosaur Bar-B-Qe location will no longer be open, a spokesman confirmed. The company has six other locations in New York and one in Newark, N.J., though the Connecticut location has already been closed. The Coronavirus has made it difficult to keep employees healthy, and the restaurant's landlord, Building and Land Technology, is working to find a new tenant for the restaurant.