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Optical Products Manufacturer SEO - Part 2

If you're like most Optical Products Manufacturers, your website is outdated and unoptimized. Thankfully, you can change this. Our SEO team helped our client launch a new store page, which began to rank for 183 new keywords across the country. The increase in visibility for the optical retailer in local searches was 175%! Now, your website can compete with the top-ranked local businesses in Google's local pack!

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Optical Products Manufacturer's new store pages began ranking in Google's local pack

The Local 3-Pack, a feature that displays places in a search result with local intent, has launched on Google. It consists of a map and three-point listings of nearby businesses with NAP data. This SERP feature replaces the 7-Pack, which displayed seven places for a particular location. The new format also adds a map and improves Local Pack visibility on mobile devices.

The advantages of ranking in the local pack go beyond being listed among the other businesses in the area. Relevancy is based on prominence, proximity and the keywords used in the store page. It is therefore critical to have accurate information about the business to ensure that it appears near consumers. A new store page for an optical products manufacturer should be created with accurate and relevant information to increase the chances of a high ranking in the local pack.

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Local Pack listings are highly visible in the SERP, and a business that ranks high in it will benefit from an advantage over a competitor. A special tool for tracking SERP features like Google Local Finder will help determine whether a business is featured in the Local Pack. It will show a map marker icon when a website is ranked in the Local Pack, and the icon will turn blue.

Optical Products Manufacturer's PPC advertising

When setting up an Optical Products Manufacturer's PPC advertisement campaign, the first step is to identify your business goals. These goals can range from gross merchandise value to new patients. Identifying these goals will help you prioritize your PPC campaign objectives. You can further refine your PPC campaign based on the key performance metrics you've established. This second part of this blog series will discuss how to use remarketing and push adverts to convert clickers into customers.