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The Menu at Pacific Rim Restaurant reflects the diverse influences of Asia, India, California, and South America. Using seasonal and local ingredients, the menu reflects Riccatelli's passion for culinary technique and aesthetics. To experience the restaurant's full menu, call ahead for a reservation. Please note: The menu is updated once a month and may not be the same as the one available in the restaurant.


The newly renovated Pacific Rim Restaurant serves authentic Asian cuisine and has a Zen-like ambiance. The interior glows with muted lighting that accentuates the intricate architectural details. The dining room is framed with an abstract lotus-shaped window, a common Asian motif. The menu consists of a wide selection of authentic Pan-Asian dishes, including sushi, Korean barbecue, and Mongolian food. Pacific Rim is available to diners on the Seven Seas Splendor and Explorer cruise ships for dinner, but reservations are required.

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The Pacific Rim Restaurant has many locations in Southern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. To find the exact location of this restaurant in your neighborhood, simply click the address listed below. You can also see reviews about the restaurant in its location. The restaurant's address is 812 N Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena. This address is located in the heart of Pasadena. Customers can easily find it by following the directions listed above.


The Asian flavors are popping up in unexpected places, and the Chef at Pacific Rim Restaurant isn't the only one making new fusion dishes. The Pacific Rim region encompasses a broad range of flavors from the Philippines to Hawaii, which often incorporate clean California sensibility with the familiar tastes of Asia. This is a menu to watch out for. Let's look at how the Chef at Pacific Rim Restaurant approaches these flavors.

The interior design of the Pacific Rim restaurant is elegant, combining feng shui principles with beautiful Japanese ambiance. The front room is particularly soothing, thanks to the soothing sounds of waterfalls and the large waterfall design. The decor is soothing and calming, and the cuisine reflects this. Pacific Rim has both a full bar and a wide selection of wines. You'll have a great dining experience and be delighted by the cuisine.

The chef at Pacific Rim Restaurant is Damon Campbell, a Vancouver native with over twenty years of experience. He oversees various culinary programs, including in-room dining and business gatherings. The menu is ingredient-driven, with special emphasis on local produce and a global perspective. This cuisine reflects the rich culture of the Pacific Rim, and the flavors of Asia. It is an experience to remember. In addition to the sushi menu, the restaurant serves dinner late into the evening.

The cuisine at Pacific Rim Restaurant is based on the flavors of the countries of the Pacific Ocean. There are a number of different types of Asian food served, ranging from spicy to mild, and even desserts. It also offers dishes from Japan, China, and Indonesia. The chef at Pacific Rim Restaurant is a highly experienced Asian-fusion chef who will give you an excellent dining experience. The food at Pacific Rim Restaurant is authentic and you'll be pleased with the results.

Y.B. Ko

In 2000, Y.B. Ko, a native of Hong Kong, took over his parents' restaurant, expanding its menu to include other Asian cuisines. Though neither of them had any business management or kitchen experience, both had the vision for Pacific Rim by Kana. After getting some assistance from friends, they began to renovate the dining hall, while Duc Tang experimented with her cooking in the kitchen.

Originally, Pacific Rim was a Korean restaurant called Kana. It was known for its ginger tea and dak bokkeum, the Korean equivalent of chicken paprikash. The name "Kana" comes from the Korean word gana, meaning "to go." Mr. and Mrs. Ko eventually outgrew the original location, and moved it to its current location downtown.

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Duc Tang

Chef Duc Tang, the man behind Pacific Rim, is an Asian-American chef from Vietnam. He is credited with creating a pan-Asian menu that has garnered rave reviews in Ann Arbor. His passion for the region's cuisine was first sparked by his childhood in Saigon. In the past decade, he has also lived in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, where he honed his culinary skills.

While many of his employees are new to the restaurant, many have been there for 10 or more years. The owner, Duc Tang, believes in keeping his staff authentic and happy. The restaurant offers a daily staff meal that was formerly served at a single table with everyone sitting around talking. Now, the meal is served at individual tables for the staff to enjoy. Duc Tang is also experimenting with a new bar menu, which will feature smaller bites inspired by the chef's cuisine.

Kana opened in 1982 as a small Korean restaurant near the University of Michigan Hospital. After several years, the owners grew out of their original space and moved to their current location in downtown Ann Arbor. The resulting ambiance of the restaurant is now renowned for its food. The restaurant was chosen as the "Best Outdoor Dining in Michigan" by an online poll. It is sponsored by Warm Fitness. The winner of the poll is Pacific Rim, which received votes from people from California, Africa, and Mexico.

With its unique combination of fusion flavors, Pacific Rim is an Ann Arbor dining destination. Located on the corner of College Avenue and Grand River, the restaurant boasts stunning views of the Detroit skyline. Located just a short drive from downtown Detroit, the restaurant's upscale ambiance and casual, relaxed atmosphere set it apart from other Asian-style eateries. Duc Tang is a multi-faceted chef who combines his love of cooking with his family life.