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Patent Office SEO - How to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

If you're a patent attorney and you're wondering how to improve your website's search engine rankings, you've come to the right place. There are many different factors to consider when trying to rank your website for relevant keywords. Here are some things to consider: Weighted click-through rate, user reviews, and the age of your page. These factors are all important for your search engine optimization efforts, but there's more.

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User reviews

The present disclosure relates to methods of analyzing user reviews. Such methods may include recognizing and classifying descriptive segments of text, incorporating user review categories, and incorporating a variety of techniques for classifying individual user reviews. As one example, user reviews may be classified according to product name and creator. These entities may be indexed in a database using the descriptive segments. In addition, these techniques may be used to identify entities based on the content of individual user reviews.

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To learn more about how user reviews can help patent applications, look online. Reviews can be valuable information about an entity, such as the number of clients and the success of the project. Such reviews should also be objective, since a user's opinion may vary. To ensure the credibility of an online review, check the entity's legitimacy by reading other reviews. If a user is satisfied with the work of the company, it's likely to recommend it to others.

Weighted click-through rate

If you're searching for new ways to boost your patent search engine optimization, then you've probably come across Google's Weighted click-through rate. This new method attempts to find a middle ground between the number of clicks and the length of a visit. It sounds like a twist on bounce rate, but it actually works in a similar way. Here's what you need to know.