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To increase visibility on search engines, you should optimize your web pages for the keywords your audience uses. While you are optimizing your content, keep in mind the type of questions your audience would ask and use it as a resource for women in need. Google's search algorithm is constantly changing and favors websites with quality content. Creating a web page for your perinatal center that answers common questions will improve your rankings. It is important to remember that pages with more words will usually rank higher than those with fewer words. Luckily, the average first page of Google search results contains 1,890 words.

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There are several strategies to improve your search engine ranking. One of these is to add links to your website. When possible, link to relevant and high-traffic pages. You can also create a keyword portfolio to make your website more visible and ranked higher. The more links you have, the better. To get the most out of your keyword portfolio, train your staff on how to integrate keywords naturally. The more they know about keywords, the more successful their SEO efforts will be.

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While researching keywords for SEO, keep in mind that not all websites are using them. For example, you may be spending money on ads but not receiving visitors, or you may be using keywords that other websites are using but haven't yet been optimized for. The most effective way to choose keywords for your site is to focus on specific topics and not generic keywords. You can find a list of focus keywords using Google AdWords or other keyword tools.