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Polymer Supplier SEO

When it comes to Polymer Supplier SEO, there are several key components to success. Targeting is crucial, but so is execution. In this article, we look at a case study in which TopSpot's efforts helped Regal Plastics achieve its goal of driving 200 online leads in April. The paid search campaign focused on specific materials that Regal Plastics sells. The results were remarkably impressive! We have seen the power of organic search, too!

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A custom manufacturer of textiles was looking to expand its production opportunities to the healthcare and commercial markets. The company had already enjoyed years of successful government contracting. A custom manufacturer can benefit from an SEO for manufacturing companies that provides a turnkey solution for strict NIST compliance. This company needed to increase its SEO rankings in order to secure new contracts. Knowing how to optimize the website for targeted audiences was critical. Knowmad developed SEO-focused content that targets the needs of buyers. In addition, guest blogging helped to generate links from other industry websites.

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Knowing how to maximize organic search traffic is an essential part of any business plan. You can do so by targeting a specific supplier in your industry with SEO content. Mallard Creek Polymers, for example, is a specialty chemical manufacturer of emulsion polymers. The company serves a range of industries and wanted to boost organic search traffic by 25 percent. The SEO content that Knowmad produced for the company was specifically targeted to the search terms that their target audiences used.


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