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Interested in Prefecture SEO? Read on for more information about the methods, companies, and costs of this process. Whether you're new to SEO or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you achieve top ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also find out how to get started with Prefecture SEO on your own. Just follow along and get started today! There are many companies in the area and each can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Search engine optimization in Japan

Japanese SEO is more straightforward than in many other international markets. Instead of developing a new search engine, digital marketers should focus on optimizing for Google and Yahoo! Japan, which serve 70% and 24% of searches respectively. Both of these platforms use the same search algorithm, so SEO considerations for each are the same. Listed below are a few tips for SEO in Japan. Before starting your search engine optimization campaign in Japan, consider your target audience.

First of all, the language is another consideration for SEO. Japanese searchers prioritize brand recognition over affordability. Japanese consumers prioritize quality over price. Hence, it is important to optimize your website to appeal to this audience. However, if you're a beginner and have no prior experience with SEO, a few basic SEO tactics will help you start. You can even hire a Japanese SEO expert to implement the SEO strategy in Japan.

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It's imperative to monitor the results of your SEO campaign. Since Google is constantly modifying their algorithm, you need to keep an eye on your site's performance. You can do this by visiting Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, to check its performance and results. Checking the search engine results often can help you identify what needs to be changed. Ultimately, if you're not happy with your results, it's time to re-consider your marketing strategy.

Using SEO techniques, you can improve your visibility in search results in a region's website. The NHK has made videos about each prefecture. Tohoku, for example, has high levels of fisheries and agriculture. It's also specialized in the food and electrical machinery industries. Its primary trading partner is Asia. Kanto, on the other hand, serves as the launch-pad for Japan's economy.

When creating a campaign, you can choose to target all locations, or specific areas, or target only one or two. Unlike the United States, Japan has more than a dozen prefecture codes, so selecting the right one is essential. Once you have selected a prefecture and subprefecture code, you can target your campaign in that location. Ensure that your website targets that region using Yahoo! Japan's geotargeting tool.


In order to boost the visibility of your website in the Kanto region, you can use the name of the prefecture in search terms. This will help consumers identify your company, but it is also safer to use a more general name such as the Kanto or Tokai region. The following are some tips to promote your website in the Kanto region:

Companies in the market

The market for agencies offering SEO services includes sales of agency-provided SEO services and related goods. The products and services offered by these companies may include on-premise SEO services, cloud-based SEO services, or a combination of both. The products and services are sold to end consumers and traded between entities. The companies involved in this market typically employ a mix of in-house and outsourced SEO services. Some major players in this market include Straight north, Arcane Marketing, WebFX, Brandloom, OneIMS, and Screaming Frog.