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Increasingly, Internet marketing services are providing targeted sex offender probationers with an online presence. Probation offices have become increasingly aware of the power of the internet in reaching out to probationers who may be hiding behind the bars. Here are some examples of the benefits of online marketing for probation offices. You can learn how to increase the visibility of your site in search results, and target the right audience. For example, you can target sex offenders, and offer them targeted services that will help them regain their freedom.

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Offender-funded probation services began in Florida, where they were the first state to privatize the services. Today, they are present in at least a dozen states, with most of these markets concentrated in the South. States as far apart as Michigan, Montana, and Utah have also embraced offender-funded services. These states, however, vary in their statutory frameworks and methods of providing these services. To learn more about this niche market, read on.

The probation industry is highly decentralized, with large proliferations of firms operating across multiple states. Some of the biggest players operate in a small number of jurisdictions. The most influential firms, however, operate across many jurisdictions. They include Judicial Correction Services, Sentinel Offender Services, Providence Community Corrections, and several others. Some of these companies have been accused of abuse, so the report examines the industry's practices to see what can be done to prevent this from happening.

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The probation industry thrives on volume. Large volumes of probationers translate to large profits for probation offices. In fact, the business can easily spiral into thousands of dollars if the number of probationers is large enough. In order to compete successfully, courts with high volumes of probationers are prized prizes for probation companies. However, low volumes of probationers can prove to be a financial dead end for them. Luckily, there are several ways to compete in this market, including utilizing Internet marketing services.

Privatization has brought about some problems, including the abuse of probationers. While public officials are responsible for protecting the public from abusive practices, probation companies often do not have meaningful oversight over their operations. Many of these private companies have no oversight and rely on their clients' checkbook as their sole source of revenue. In addition to putting offenders in an uncomfortable situation, the privatization of probation has led to the creation of a huge industry for private profit.

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A new predawn surveillance strategy involving 60 Los Angeles County SEOs has swept the streets to catch child sex offenders. In this operation, investigators seized drugs and videotapes, interviewed neighbors, and combed through computer hard drives. One sex offender was arrested and taken into protective custody. Two other children are under investigation. The SEO program was successful in catching both of these offenders.

The California Office of Public Safety (OPPS) is a great source of data on the internet habits of sex offenders. They receive a roster of sex offenders every two months, and use this data to create targeted SEO campaigns. The SEO team specializes in targeting targeted sex offenders and other felony probationers. In one case, a SEO team targeted a sex offender who had a history of sexual offenses.