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In the 1980s, the large foie gras producers used the hypermarkets as their route to the market, demanding ever-lower prices and standardisation of their products. They did so by using clever marketing techniques such as labelling and brand names to fool customers into believing they were buying something that was not of the highest quality. This led to a compromise in the quality of foie gras, which eventually lead to the establishment of a quality charter and local producers.

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Laurel Pine

If you love foie gras, Laurel Pine is the place to go. In addition to foie gras crus and foie gras cuisines, this company also sells gibier and meat. Its primary suppliers include D'Artagnan, a French company that produces a wide variety of foie gras. Its website includes recipes, information, and tips for cooking foie gras.


D'Artagnan, Producteur du Foie Gras is a privately-owned food company with corporate headquarters in Union, New Jersey. It is the world's leading provider of organic poultry, game, foie gras, pates, sausages, and smoked delicacies. D'Artagnan ships its products by overnight courier. The company's SEO strategy is to increase its visibility through SEO.

To achieve this, D'Artagnan, Inc. and D'Artagnan, LLC have filed a lawsuit against the Hudson Valley Foie Gras and its suppliers for misrepresenting consumers. In their suit, Voters for Animal Rights wants the company to cease advertising that foie gras and canard gras are produced and packaged in a humane manner. They are not seeking compensation from D'Artagnan, LLC, but rather an injunction against their use of misleading terms in the future.

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In addition to bringing forth a higher level of customer satisfaction, D'Artagnan, Producteur du Foie Gras strives to keep the industry at the cutting edge by developing new products and exploring innovative production methods. She also serves as the founder and president of Les Nouvelles Meres Cuisinieres, an international association for women chefs. Ariane D'Artagnan has held leadership positions in various organizations including the American Institute of Wine and Food, Women Chefs, Restatriagnan, and the James Beard Foundation's awards committee.

A mousse of foie gras is a delicious addition to toast. But most people don't want to deal with the intimidating experience of eating a whole lobe of foie gras. D'Artagnan offers Grade-A Duck Foie Gras Slices. These are a great way to sample different preparations without having to purchase the whole lobe.

Appellation Oie du Perigord

The French have a strict process for obtaining an Appellation Oie du Perigourd (Oie du Gras) certification. The process is extremely rigorous and requires producers to meet stringent quality standards and sanitary conditions on their farms. Appellation Oie du Perigord is a PGI (protected geographical indication) for foie gras, which is the highest recognition available for the region.

The first step is to download the Perigord Foie Gras Association's official app. It brings together the entire industry. Foie gras is a highly expressive and distinctive product that lends itself to innovative interpretations and is a hallmark of the Perigord region. Foie Gras from the Perigord region can also be used in a wide range of cooking techniques, including pan-frying and mi-cuitting.


Certified French Products are available now through the Interprofession des palmipedes a foie gras (CIFOG). They have a distinctive logo and are easy to identify. The logo and certificate cover the entire production process. The CIFOG logo is recognized by the public and is an important tool in the marketing of foie gras products. Listed below are some tips for selecting products certified by CIFOG.

The CIFOG is an association of professional fattened poultry producers in France. Their mission is to represent their interests and promote their products to the public. They also run campaigns in the general interest of the profession and create inter-professional agreements. The association is also dedicated to maintaining the quality of their products, and funds collective research programmes. To this end, they have gathered the professionals of the industry to form an association, CIFOG.

Marketing foie gras in a traditional way can be difficult and costly. Because 55% of foie gras sales occur in the months of december and November, a targeted marketing campaign is necessary. CIFOG has launched a digital and evenementielle marketing campaign to promote the foie gras products during this period. This will help promote sales of foie gras and encourage consumers to buy them in mid-November, when the market is most attractive.

Esprit Foie Gras

If you are looking for foie gras recipes, you can find them on the internet. You can purchase foie gras from many sources online, from general to specialized sites. Just make sure you compare prices before making the purchase. Foie gras is a delicious delicacy that will please the taste buds and the wallet! But where can you buy foie gras? Read on to find out more about foie gras marketing strategies.

Foie Gras is a specialty of the region of Perigord, France. Vendee, on the other hand, is the third largest foie gras producer and is famous for its elving volailles. The area's artisanal tradition has led many producers there. It is now known for its foie gras. In addition, the region's terroir-based cuisine has fueled the foie gras industry there.

The preparation of foie gras is a delicate process that requires skilled and expert knowledge. There are many ways to prepare foie gras, but the most traditional preparation is a single foie. The mousse de canard contains 50 percent of the foie gras in its pure form. It's also great as an aperitif or toast. If you're looking for foie gras online, consider placing an order online.

Listed below are some tips to boost your foie gras marketing strategy. Listed below are the top 3 markets for foie gras: France, China, Hong-Kong, and Switzerland. The French foie gras industry is dominated by three major groups. France is the world's first consumer, consuming over 75% of the world's foie gras. France also has to import foie gras from Hongrie and Bulgarie to keep up with demand.