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If you're a professional organizer, you've probably heard that optimizing your website is essential. Whether you're a professional organizer or not, there are some basic things you can do to improve your SEO ranking. Creating compelling content is vital for driving traffic to your website. The more compelling your content is, the more likely it will be indexed by search engines and have high rankings. Blogging is an excellent way to generate content for your professional organizing business.

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Caitlin Strempel

For a professional organizer, SEO is an important part of her online marketing strategy. She has been recognized by Forbes, Advertising Age, and Lexus as one of the top digital marketers in her field. But if you're not sure where to start, here are her top tips for optimizing your website. First, know your target audience. What people search for on Google are known as keywords. Research these words and phrases and make dozens of variations of them. While some keywords are easier to rank for, others may not.

Jen Obermeier

Jen Obermeier is the founder of the Pro Organizer Studio and a career coach. She offers insights into the world of professional organizing through her podcast. With around 80 episodes, her podcast provides helpful tips for the professional organizer. The Everything Envy podcast is produced by Margaret and Stetson. The couple explain their business journey and provide helpful business advice for organizers. They also include interviews with professionals in the field.

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The founder of Pro Organizer Studio, Jen Obermeier helps professional home organizers start their own businesses by providing design and business resources. Since 2016, she's been coaching professional organizers to become savvy businesswomen. Her podcast and coaching programs are popular among home organizers. Jen also hosts a weekly podcast that provides tips for professional organizers. The podcast was launched in March of this year. She has a mission to empower professional organizers around the world to start their own businesses.

Caitlin Strempel's Organizing Concepts

In this book, Caitlin Strempel, an SEO and digital marketing strategist, shares her top organizing tips with other organized business owners. With a background in professional organizing, she shares practical tips to promote a business online. Strempel has worked with clients like Lexus, Under Armour, and Olay. Her organizing concepts for professionals have been featured in Forbes, Advertising Age, and Entrepreneur.

Jen Obermeier's Organizing Concepts

In this episode, Jen Obermeier, founder of Pro Organizer Studio, discusses how her business changed over the course of a pandemic, how she launched a product, how to explain your business to your family, and what she learned from a book she's currently reading about woo-meets-science. She also talks about a recent change that she made in her personal life. You can connect with Jen on her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Professional organizers can benefit from Jen Obermeier's business resources. The website features design and business resources. Jen Obermeier has been mentoring business-savvy women in the home organizing industry since 2016. Pro Organizer Studio has added Melissa Klug, founder of Home By Eleven, as a new member in 2020. Professional organizers can use her resources to grow their business and improve their clients' lives.