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If you're looking for a fast, easy and secure way to order food online, Promenade SEO-optimized storefronts are the perfect solution. Their customizable ordering menus provide a hassle-free experience and ensure that your store's name is prominently displayed in local search results. This system also allows you to increase online sales and customer satisfaction through a secure checkout experience. In fact, 90% of consumers begin the ordering process online.

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An exhibit for a promenade evokes an experience of strolling down a rhizomatic street. The name refers to the way in which Seo creates a visionary landscape, which begins with the rhythmic interplay of hand gestures that tell a personal story from memory. The method involves unraveling and materializing strands of emotions, which are a result of one's intuitive experience of the space around him and the interrelationships with others. By materializing these salient points of emotion, the exhibition's space becomes a sensory experience that engages and enlivens the human spirit.


One of the best features of Promenade is its customizable home page. This allows you to display a featured image, custom audio player, videos, gigs, and custom text. You can also customize how many columns and widgets your home page has, including the custom archive menu. The theme also supports multiple custom headers and footers. With so many customization options, Promenade can be customized to meet your exact needs.

The theme is built on the AudioTheme framework, which makes it easy to manage your video library. It also supports most video services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. The site also automatically displays customized Google maps, which can be linked directly to a company's official Google maps page. If you'd like to boost your site's rankings in search engines, Promenade is the best choice.

Custom Backgrounds

If you want to customize the look of your site, you can do so by using the Custom Background feature in Promenade. By choosing this option, you can highlight your most recent posts. Your posts will be displayed larger than all other posts and will feature your featured image. To enable this feature, you must first set up your blog page. To do this, go to Settings - Reading - Posts. Click on the "Customize" link to enable it.

After you create a new page, you can upload a custom background. You can choose to upload an image to your entire site or to a specific page. In either case, make sure to put the main subject of your background in the center of the page so that it will be the first thing people see. When choosing a background image, take into account the size of different devices. The largest screen will show a larger image than the smallest, so be sure to choose an image that's around 1920 pixels long.

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Once you have your background image ready, you can customize the theme's settings. Select the 'Auto' option if you want the background image to keep its original width and height. Otherwise, select 'Contain' or 'Full-bleed' to scale the image so that it covers the background. Full-bleed may prevent the full image from being displayed, while Contain allows you to scale it down to fit within the browser. Note that your site background color will be shown behind your image, so repeating these settings can make them appear more or less consistent.

Ordering menu

An SEO-optimized storefront from Promenade includes a customizable ordering menu, so customers can choose the items they want to order. With a secure checkout process, the ordering menu also serves as an efficient way to receive orders and track payments. You can manage orders and see who has placed them from the back-office. If your menu isn't search engine-friendly, you could be losing out on huge revenue.

Using the "Featured Content" area on the homepage will allow visitors to view your best content. It will also allow you to showcase your featured image or custom audio player. You can also place a link to your calendar, and let fans subscribe to your gigs. The Promenade theme has a large footer widget area, and it supports standard WordPress widgets as well as those from AudioTheme framework.