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If you are thinking about using purpleheart decking in your home or business, you need to know some essential information before you make a purchase. Learn about the characteristics of the purpleheart wood, the costs, and how to protect it from UV rays. You'll also want to learn about how to use the Purpleheart Decking SEO in your search for the right contractor. Whether you're a homeowner or a commercial contractor, you can find the right solution for your project.

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Price of Purpleheart decking

There are many benefits to using Purpleheart decking. Its natural beauty and durability make it a popular choice for decking, and it's a great choice for both residential and commercial projects. You can also find a wide variety of decking profiles at Brazilian Wood Depot, which include the standard 1x6 profile. This profile is appropriate for joist spacing of 12 or 16 inches OC, but spacings greater than 16 inches OC are against most codes. You can also choose to purchase RainAway Decking, which addresses water runoff issues, or Deck Tiles, which equalizes moisture.

Price of Purpleheart decking is comparable to other popular types of decking, but it is significantly more expensive up front. However, when compared to pressure-treated lumber, it is the most cost-effective in the long-term. Pressure-treated lumber has a lower price, but will likely require five replacements over its lifetime. Purpleheart is therefore the most cost-effective choice for your deck in the short and long-term.

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One advantage of Purpleheart is that the color will stay consistent for a longer time. With no UV protection, this color will not fade over time. While this 'greying' process will affect its lifespan and water resistance, it will not affect the color of the deck. It's possible to restore the color of your deck by oiling it. It's important to note that you may need to clean the deck before applying the oil.

Fire resistance is another important consideration. If you plan to have a deck for a commercial project, it will need to be fire-resistant. Purpleheart generally scores high B ratings in Flame Spread tests. It may sustain damage over time, but the flame spread is very minimal. Compared to other materials, such as plastic, composite, and pressure-treated lumber, Purpleheart outperforms these alternatives. In addition, this wood species is less expensive to purchase than Ipe.

A beautiful wood to build with, Purpleheart is a beautiful choice for decking. Its heartwood is a deep purple color, which will change over time to a deep brown hue. Typically, it will be slightly cheaper than teak, but this is not the only benefit. To find a supplier in your area, contact East Teak Hardwood. This is the best source for hardwoods. If you're looking for a variety of styles and colors, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the price of Purpleheart decking.

Properties of Purpleheart wood

There are several properties that make this hard-to-work exotic wood ideal for decking. Purpleheart is naturally resistant to decay and rot and is pest and insect-resistant. It is also very dense and low-maintenance, making it ideal for large-scale applications. Whether you're building a deck for a pool house, constructing a house or building cabinets, purpleheart is an excellent choice.

The heartwood of purpleheart is a dull grayish-purplish brown color when it's fresh, and quickly darkens to a rich eggplant purple color when exposed to sunlight. However, this color-shift can be minimized by applying a UV inhibitor to the wood. Purpleheart is a dense, hard, and stiff wood with a low specific gravity of 0.86. It is also very durable and water-resistant.

As a tropical hardwood, Purple heart is commonly used for marine & bridge building. It is bright purple when newly milled and turns a rich reddish-purple color after exposure to UV rays. This tropical wood has a high bending strength and crushing strength, which makes it an ideal choice for decking. Because of its dense nature, IPE wood is an excellent choice for decking. Its natural oils and high density make it superior to other types of wood, and it will age to silver gray over time.

In addition to its excellent aesthetics, Purpleheart is a durable and strong industrial wood. During the last few years, it has been used extensively in the shipbuilding and trailer industries. It is a highly sought-after alternative to teak lumber. The benefits of using purpleheart wood are obvious:

As a tropical hardwood, Purpleheart comes from Brazil and South America. While concerns are well-founded, the hardwood timber industry in Brazil is one of the most effective at protecting forests. While Purpleheart is not a listed species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, it's harvested from rainforests that are not managed responsibly, so it's likely to have a high carbon footprint.

Its Janka hardness rating is a valuable consideration when choosing a material for decking. This variety can withstand heavy loads, but is still highly susceptible to sunlight. Despite this, it's an excellent choice for decking and is easy to work with. It's easy to work with and fastens well with steel screws. Purpleheart wood is also resistant to termites and subterranean borers, making it a great choice for outdoor use.

Another popular tropical hardwood, Ipe is very dense and difficult to machine. It is naturally resistant to rot and insect attack, and it has a density comparable to concrete. Unlike treated pine, tropical hardwoods can last for years, and unlike some mid-tier composite alternatives, they are more affordable. This exotic hardwood is also durable, so it's worth investing in it. Just make sure to choose the right wood grade, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of your decking project.

UV protection required for Purpleheart decking

If you're considering adding Purpleheart decking to your home, you may be wondering if UV protection is necessary. The color of purpleheart wood changes with exposure to sunlight, so you may want to protect your deck from this effect by applying UV protection to your deck. This product is not a stain or a sealer. It simply helps keep water from penetrating the wood's surface. Because tropical hardwoods already have natural colors and are resistant to water penetration, it is unnecessary to apply stains or sealers.

Aside from its unique color, Purpleheart wood also has spiritual qualities. It promotes healing and knowledge, and may even help eliminate negative energy in your home. It is highly functional, and its beauty is stunning. Its grain is almost always straight, but it can display a variety of grain patterns as well. When used in large pieces, UV protection is essential to avoid yellowing or fading. Depending on how much UV exposure you're expecting from your Purpleheart decking, you may want to hire a professional to prepare it for you.

If UV protection is not provided, Purpleheart decking will gradually turn silver. It will not turn dark purple, but will instead become silver-gray in color if you don't apply UV inhibitor. The purple color is due to the sap that is exposed along the grain lines of the wood. Sap is very soft to touch and is only about one eighth of an inch wide. Sap flakes off the wood in about two months after installation. However, if UV protection is not applied, the grain lines will remain accented by the sap.

As far as fire resistance is concerned, Purpleheart is one of the more desirable hardwoods available on the market today. This wood is highly resistant to flame spread and typically earns high B ratings in Flame Spread test results. However, prolonged exposure to flames can cause damage to the wood, so if you're looking for a deck that won't burn and still look great, you'll want to check out Purpleheart.

Purpleheart is an extremely popular choice for decking because of its deep purple color. It's a unique type of wood that has become a favorite among woodworkers worldwide. Companies such as Cormark International have also discovered it and use it for their products. Its distinct color and unique characteristics have made it a favorite among woodworkers. So, if you're looking for a deck with a beautiful purple hue, don't delay your decision.

The main reason why UV protection is needed is because the color of purpleheart wood changes from brown to dark purple within minutes. Exposure to ultraviolet rays changes the wood's color from dark purple to deep chocolate-purple or even black. It will be hard to cut and will result in black tar-like resin on your blades. To prevent this from happening, you can apply a UV-inhibiting varnish.