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If you've seen Mary Whipple's website, you may have noticed that she's very active on social media. In addition to being a rowing superstar herself, Whipple is also a coxswain, which means she knows all about the responsibilities of her position. If you're wondering how to get a page like hers to appear on search engines, here are some tips.

It began snowing early on Monday, Dec. 5, and continued throughout the day. Bp Whiting arranged for the Relief Society to drive to Spanish Fork's 1st Ward and to Bp Henry Gardner's house in Provo. The 8s stayed at Bp Thornes' home, and then drove to Provo. They all had a wonderful time, and we are so grateful to have such good stewards of our faith.

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Mary Whipple coxswain of the U.S. women's eight rowing team

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Whipple coxed the U.S. women's eight crew and was one of the team's most successful members. In 2001 and 1999, her UW varsity 8+ crew won the NCAA championships, and Whipple coxed the crew that won the first Henley Prize in 2000, now known as the Remenham Challenge Cup.

Mary Whipple, 32, is a coxswain of the Uas women's eight rowing team. In her 11 years as coxswain, she led her team to five world championships and two Olympic gold medals. In 2008, her team won the world championships in Beijing, and in 2012, she led the U.S. women's eight to gold at London.

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Despite the challenges of the coxswain role, Mary Whipple is committed to giving back to rowing. She maintains a website with tips and advice for coxswains. Despite her many accolades, she believes she is a teammate first and a coxswain second. If she doesn't make it to the final, she'll be forced to race a repechage.

Mary Whipple, coxswain of the Uas women's eight rowing team, graduated from Washington University in 2002. She was in the ninth seat in 2004 when the U.S. women's eight won Olympic silver. Since then, the team has won five world championships, including the Olympic Games in 2008. This year, five of her teammates will be returning for their second time.

A member of the Husky Hall of Fame, Mary Whipple is one of the most decorated female rowers in the U.S. history. She won two gold medals at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. In 2008, she coxed the U.S. women's eight to two gold medals. She was named the World Rowing 2008 Women's Crew of the Year.