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As a Sanitation Service SEO specialist, you can earn up to $74,358 a year, plus a bonus of $5,300. Your salary can range from $60,000 to $121,000, depending on the level of experience and the company. SEO specialists make $1,868 more per year than Marketing Associates and $9701 less than Copywriters. Salary ranges differ widely based on location and experience, but an SEO specialist makes the most money among all employees.

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Trash workers have an advantage over most high school graduates when it comes to pay. Salaries at trash hauling companies have been steadily growing since June 2009, with the average wage in the waste management industry increasing by 14%. Yet, there is a major problem with the current market: employers cannot find qualified workers. For example, when David Antonacci, president of Crown Container, posted an ad for a truck driver, he received only four applicants. One had a suspended commercial license. Another had a large number of penalties on his license.

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Compared to garbage hauling company salaries, trash collectors in New York City and the rest of the New York metropolitan area make an average of $59,310 per year. Security guards and janitors, meanwhile, make about $34,370. But salaries aren't always equal - the average salary for a trash collector is $42,620 per year, and the highest average salary for a trash man is $48,750 per year in the Eastern Sierra-Mother Lode region of California.