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A lot of SEO is about choosing the right keywords. Choosing the wrong keywords will place your website at the bottom of the organic search results, and your competitors will outrank you. To make your SEO efforts more effective, choose seed keywords that have low competition. Then, use these keywords to build the content around them. Also, you can send research questions to contacts and choose the keywords they want to research. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a profitable SEO strategy.

Start with keywords that describe your business. This will give you an idea of the products your customers search for. You can also use generic product related terms to boost your search engine rankings. Make use of Amazon's search engine, which accounts for 54% of all product searches. Its search algorithm can also suggest semantically related keywords to optimize your SEO efforts. If you have trouble creating a seed list, use a keyword tool like Moz or another common-sense source.

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Identify the most relevant keywords for your website. For example, if you sell bicycles, you may use "bicycle repair" as your seed keyword. While this keyword is competitive, it would never rank high in Google search results. After finding your keyword, start writing content around it. Then, you can optimize your website with the relevant seed keywords. You can also write an article answering relevant queries. So, these are just some of the tips for your SEO efforts.