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Audrey Seo, a Senior High School SEO, is The Accolade's newest photo editor. Learn more about her from the following article. Audrey has a strong interest in photography and has been involved in the photography club at her school since her freshman year. She plans to go to college and become a professional photographer one day. Her passion for photography is also evident in her work as a Senior High School SEO. In this article, Audrey explains what she does and why she loves her job.

Audrey Seo is a Senior High School SEO

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The daughter of a Korean-American lawyer, Audrey Seo is a Senior High School Student-Administrator (SEO). Her son Kyle is a Junior High School SEO who will graduate from Inderkum High School in the Natomas School District. He is a varsity golfer and a baseball player. Aaryan, a freshman, has an interest in biology and medicine. He hopes to work in specialized surgery. He likes to play tennis, listen to music, and complete Duolingo challenges.

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