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The State Department of Tourism is a great place to start your search engine optimization efforts. You can find the right SEO strategy by following these three steps: Research, Tactics, and Results. For further assistance, you can also attend workshops from the New Mexico Tourism Department. These workshops are free, but require advance registration and can help you get started right away. If you are looking to increase the number of visitors to your website, it is important to know what the most successful search engine optimization strategies are.

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A recent study focuses on tourism centers and travel agencies and their SEO strategies. Researchers examined data from 70 website visitors to identify the most effective techniques for improving website visibility. The results of the research revealed a strong correlation between website design and SEO. In particular, visitors who search for travel destinations on the web are more likely to click on websites with a well-designed navigation. State Department of Tourism SEO research findings highlight the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for tourism centers and travel agencies.


The study evaluated the websites of the government and five Indian states. The criteria used for selection was the number of foreign tourists arriving in the state. SEO tools are used to rank individual websites. Six tourism websites were ranked. The results show a significant correlation between website design and SEO. Listed below are some of the SEO results found for these websites. Read on to learn more. If you're looking for more information about SEO and website design, this guide is for you!

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New Mexico Tourism Department's workshop program

The New Mexico Tourism Department has announced that it is hosting a free workshop program for SEO. In partnership with Google and Miles Partnership, this program is designed to help tourism businesses improve their online visibility. Workshop participants can expect one-on-one training and troubleshooting on SEO problems. They will also receive free tools and solutions for their websites. The first workshop program is scheduled for March 2017.