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The State Department of Transportation's Safety, Environmental and Operations (SEO) division provides training programs and other resources to the agency's operations, safety and environmental personnel. It also conducts annual surveys and contests, such as the Safety Benchmarking Survey and the Fleet Benchmarking Survey. The SEO division also provides content expertise and develops industry-specific training courses in operations, environmental and safety topics. It is responsible for the annual Safety Award, Environmental Excellence Awards and the Joseph E. Carpenter Award.

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Topics: Safety, Environmental and Operations (SEO) Division

The USDOT's Office of Policy Development, Strategic Planning and Performance (OESP) coordinates with Federal agencies and modal administrations on safety policy matters. It engages in wide-ranging stakeholder dialogue on a variety of safety-related issues, and looks for opportunities to further the Department's safety mission. The office also develops, implements, and evaluates policies and programs to improve the safety of the nation's transportation system.

The Office of Traffic Safety and Mobility is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for travelers. Its mission is to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of transportation services by utilizing sound traffic engineering principles. This division works closely with other Department programs, public agencies, private industry, and regional planning and development goals. It emphasizes excellence in traffic engineering, continuous improvement, innovative use of technology, and customer service.

Development of publications for operations, environmental and safety personnel

The State Department of Transportation develops publications for operations and environmental professionals to promote highway safety. It works with the modal administrations and other federal agencies to develop safety policies and programs and provides technical expertise on a wide variety of safety issues. The Office of Policy Development, Strategic Planning and Performance also engages stakeholders in a variety of activities that promote the Department's safety mission. In addition to these publications, the department also publishes numerous reports and guides that are aimed at providing technical guidance for the transportation industry.

Training programs

The USFWS and DOT&PF have established a strong working relationship. They are planning to hold more frequent meetings to strengthen relationships and speed up project delivery. Meeting topics will include developing best management practices, discussing programmatic approaches, and improving scoping documents. These agencies also collaborate with SEO to maintain relationships and resolve compliance issues. These agencies are seeking new and innovative ways to increase their rankings. A training program will provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to increase visibility in search engines.

As a state agency, the DOT&PF must follow Federal policies, regulations, and laws. As such, they must follow environmental commitments made during NEPA and ensure that they are carried over into the project. SEOs expressed concerns about the transference of these environmental commitments and the lack of coordination between regional offices. Training programs for State Department of Transportation SEO should address these issues and provide resources to improve environmental performance.

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The North Carolina State Energy Office is actively involved in the Southeast Regional Electric Vehicle Information Exchange. In the group, Southeast states acknowledge the regional opportunities associated with the use of electric vehicles and work together to promote EV adoption. In this way, the SEREN-EV group convenes bimonthly to coordinate state SEOs and identify opportunities for collaboration. It also includes the National Association of State Departments of Transportation (NACSOT) for EV-related work.

Section 4 of the MOU specifies the requirements for organizational capacity and commitment of resources. The State Department of Transportation and DOT&PF must continue to assess organizational capacity and staff capacity annually. This is a common issue that arises from Audit #1 and continues to plague the agency. Training programs for State Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration should be in place to address these challenges and provide the necessary expertise to keep the agency in compliance with the MOU.