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Are you looking for a Steel Drum Supplier? If yes, you've come to the right place. ITP Packaging offers steel drums, as well as ITP and MC bitumen. But how do you go about choosing the best one? Keep reading to find out more. After all, you can't just choose any one! We've compiled a few tips for finding the best steel drum supplier for your needs.

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ITP Packaging

If you are looking for a reliable steel drum supplier in Singapore, ITP Packaging is your best choice. Our wide range of steel drums is designed to suit any industrial requirement. Whether you need to transport large quantities of products or store materials securely, we have the solution to your packaging needs. With ITP Packaging, you can save time and money as well as the environment by minimizing industrial waste. For your convenience, we can provide you with an SEO-friendly website that displays the best products and services in the industry.

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) is an alliance between members of the industry from North America, Europe, and Asia. The organization promotes common interests in steel drum container technology and manufacturing, technical research, education, media relations, and generic marketing programs. In addition, ISDI works to represent the industry before federal agencies and plays a vital role in international organizations. By joining these organizations, you can rest assured that ITP Packaging is committed to keeping your company safe and delivering the best quality products.

Available in different sizes, ITP Packaging offers closed and open head steel drums. Among the drums, closed-head drums have a chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining. Closed-head drums are also available with bung openings on the side and cover. All these drums come with lever lock rings. You can also avail of drum reconditioning services. We offer drums that have UN and European standards.

MC bitumen

MC bitumen steel drums are a great way to transport the substance, which weighs around 220kg. Used drums can leak and contain bits of bitumen residue, which will pollute the ground and storage areas. To avoid this, some countries have passed serious regulations regarding the importation of bitumen in new steel drums. This type of container is also more environmentally friendly, as the inner lining is fully consumable.

MC bitumen is most commonly packaged in two different types of drums. Short new steel drums are the most common and widely used, weighing between 150 and 200 kg. Long drums have a higher weight capacity than short ones. A 20 foot container containing eighty of these drums can weigh up to fifteen and a half tons. In other parts of the world, steel drums are accepted for bitumen packaging. However, it's important to note that long drums are also used for other materials, so don't overfill them.

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While drummed bitumen is still the most common way of packaging the material, quality has improved over the years. Nowadays, most bitumen buyers prefer drummed bitumen. MC bitumen drums vary in net weight capacity, body thickness, and height. 1mm drums are the same size as a two-hundred and twenty-five kilogram net weight drum, which makes them the most economical option for bitumen importers. They can also help save on handling and shipping expenses.

MC 30 is a versatile product that is often used to waterproof non-bituminous surfaces. It also helps fill capillary voids and coat loose mineral particles. When it comes to mixing with aggregate, it is usually mixed with an adhesion agent. It is stored in a new steel drum on a pallet, at ambient temperature. During colder weather, it doesn't foam, which makes it the perfect choice for cold applications.

Short new steel drum

A steel drum is a standard industrial container for storing a variety of materials, including liquids. Most are available in black or a variety of colors. Some can be painted or lacquered. Steel drums can also be customized, with capacities ranging from eight gallons to over 143 gallons (540 liters). They can also be custom-made with a variety of fittings, including Tri-Sure(r) closures and BPA-Free options.

One type of short new steel drum is the 110-liter version, which can hold about 150 kilograms of bitumen. It is popular in countries such as India and Nepal, and is the most common bitumen packaging in Asia. A twenty-foot container with eighty of these drums holds about 15.5 tons (+-5%). It is important to note, however, that the capacity of a short new steel drum varies widely.

Cold-rolled steel drums are commonly available in sizes ranging from 20 gal. to 55 gal. They are also available in a variety of configurations, including closed-head and open-head drums. They come with a chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining and bung openings on the lid and cover. Drums made of plastic or fibre also meet international standards. The industries that rely on these drums are pharmaceutical, chemical, and beverage.