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If you are interested in learning the art of stone carving, this article will help you decide which type of carving to pursue. You will also learn about tools and techniques. Learn how to find a stone carver and what they are worth. Listed below are some of the most common tools used by stone carvers. Read on to learn how to find the best one for your needs. Then, you can start your own stone carving business!

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The two most common ways of creating lettering on gravestones and monuments are through sandblasting or hand carving. In these instances, the stone mason prepares a rubber stencil that is used to protect the surface area from being blasted. The rubber stencil can be designed digitally and cut out using a vinyl cutter. The lettering can be almost any font, since any digital font can be translated to stone. However, letter cutters still disagree about the quality of this process, as it tends to use typography for paper or ink.

Before beginning the carving process, it is essential to consider the direction of grain and bed in the stone. Stone is formed by parallel layers and should not be cut in a way that creates thin projections perpendicular to the grain. When carving, you should carefully examine the stone for any hair-line cracks, as these are likely to break during the process. To check for these cracks, wet the stone with water and listen for its pitch.

Before beginning the carving process, stone carvers use a mason's axe. This tool was used for centuries before the discovery of steel, as it was the hardest metal that could be used for carving. Once steel was discovered, stone carving techniques became more efficient and more affordable. However, they require specialized equipment. Using an abrasive to remove unwanted stone is not recommended unless you have a safety-conscious work environment.

Sculpturing stone has long been an activity that is more ancient than civilization itself. The earliest stone carvings were typically human, like the Venus of Willendorf. Later cultures also created human-animal hybrids and animals made of stone. Although pneumatic hammers are more common now, in most of human history, sculptors used a hammer and a chisel. It's no surprise that stone carving is an ancient activity that has lasted for millions of years.


One of the basic steps in stone carving is to knock off large chunks of unwanted stone. These are often done with point chisels, long pieces of steel with a sharp point at one end. Another tool is the pitching tool, a wide flat wedge chisel used for splitting and removing large chunks of stone. A mallet is often used as well. These tools are hand-held but can also be electric or pneumatic.

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The amount of carbon in steel is important for hardness and malleability. Ideally, the steel should be between 0.2 and two percent carbon. This will give the tool an edge when sharpened. It is important to choose a tool that is of good quality and has a low carbon content. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on expensive tools, start small and build your collection gradually. You'll be able to find the perfect tool for your needs and budget.

There are also several tools you should use when carving stone. You'll need a chisel with multiple gouging surfaces and a claw chisel. These tools will help you create parallel lines in the stone, and they'll add texture to your statue. You can also use calipers or charcoal to mark specific lines, and this will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes. In stone carving, you'll need a sharp carving tool that can withstand the hard work that will be required.


The golden age of stone carving was from about 1750 to 1810. The demand for expensive gravestones was low outside of larger settlements and few people could afford to hire a stonecutter. As a result, most rural burial grounds feature carvings by these master craftsmen. These artisans had distinctive thumbprints and their art was as distinct as a family crest. Despite the shortage of skilled craftsmen, these masters were still in demand and their work is as striking today as it was then.


Stone carving is an art that has been practiced by human beings since paleolithic times. The art of turning stone into a sculpture is one of the few human endeavors that predates the creation of civilization itself. Nowadays, new digital technologies make carving natural stone sculptures easy, as they can cut many pieces in the same time it takes an artist to hand-carve a single piece. Here are some ways to save money while getting quality stone carving.