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How to Use Social Media For Student Dormitory SEO

There are many things to consider when pursuing student dormitory SEO. These can include paying attention to local listings, social media optimization, Instagram, and Pay-per-click marketing. It is important that the student housing website be optimized for location-based keywords. These are keywords used in the copy, descriptions, headers, and titles of the website. These keywords will help your target audience find your services more easily. A digital marketing company can assist your student dormitory with these efforts.

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When it comes to student housing, you're probably concerned about Google's Pigeon update. Regardless of the changes, organic search still drives the largest number of visitors to your property website and the profits associated with that traffic are staggering. But how do you take advantage of this to increase your online presence? The dNovo Group has some suggestions to help you get started. Read on to learn more about how to make your student dormitory SEO campaign work.

Ensure your website appears higher in local search results. Directories are great for local search, and using location-based keywords on your site increases your chances of appearing in local search results. Use these keywords in your copy, description, and title to attract your target audience. If you're worried about losing potential clients to your competitor's website, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to optimize your website for student housing. It doesn't have to cost much and will ensure that your student housing website appears for the right keywords.


When you're looking to promote your student dormitory, Instagram can be a great platform for advertising. Stories, videos, and images can be used to promote your student housing and highlight the surrounding area. You can also include snippets from your campus' virtual tours to give prospective residents a feel for the environment. Here are some other ways to use Instagram for student dormitory SEO. Let's look at a few of the most effective methods.

First, make sure your content targets your audience. Craft your stories and content to match the interests and needs of your prospective students. For instance, you can create videos that show a group of prospective students taking a campus tour, or tell multiple stories that show the day-to-day life of a current student. By tailoring your content to your audience, you'll create a memorable experience for your followers. Ultimately, you'll attract new students and retain current ones.


Pay-per-click for student dormitory optimization can help you increase your website's visibility in search engines like Google. This will enable your student dormitory to appear higher in search engine results, above competitors, and in front of students. Moreover, you don't have to invest in ongoing media expenditures. The experts in Digital Marketing will make sure your site shows up for the keywords you're targeting.

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The best search marketing campaigns start by understanding the type of searcher. Typically, communities focus on fanciful community spaces and amenities when marketing to students. While these features are important to attract potential tenants, the most effective way to appeal to students is to address their basic needs. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind. For example, if your dormitory is located in a college town, the best keywords to target are "student housing."

Instagram marketing

To maximize the impact of your Instagram marketing for student dormitories, make sure you take great photos of your properties. Often, the most shared and liked content on Instagram features a unique combination of bold colors and breathtaking landscapes. Be sure to balance the photos of your properties with scenic elements and videos. Instagram users do not copy links from captions or their bios, but you can tag products or services on your posts. Use the '@' symbol to indicate that you want your post to be seen by many users.

If your students are already on social media, create content with video. The use of video content is especially effective in reaching incoming college students. According to a recent survey, 65 percent of Instagram ad impressions were due to videos. And with its popularity, this trend is only going to continue. In addition to Instagram, you can also post videos on Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. A well-done Instagram marketing campaign will attract many interested students.

Creating content for your Instagram marketing campaign should be simple, engaging, and visually striking. Your posts should highlight a variety of aspects of school life, such as fun activities and places for students to hang out. Include videos, photos, and student-created geofilters. Don't forget to post a photo of your dormitory. Students love to post about themselves, so make sure your photos include a little personality.

Social media can be a great tool to create an authentic community. By responding to questions asked by potential residents on the platform, you can turn your posts into FAQs. Prime questions for prospective student residents include what the price per student is, how much utilities are included in the rent, and if there is a pet policy. Be sure to follow local laws regarding social media, as they can limit the use of these channels for student housing communities.

Internet marketing for student housing

Internet marketing for student housing has become increasingly important for student housing companies. Traditionally, they have relied on the Yellowbook, billboards, and student newspapers for marketing their student apartments. While these marketing tactics have been effective, they have also come with their own limitations. For example, using social media to market student apartments is subject to local and state laws. If social media is used for marketing, student housing communities must ensure that it is appropriate for their location and demographic.

Companies must take advantage of the growing demand for information and convenience from consumers. Student Housing Company is a good example of a company that has successfully used both traditional and digital strategies. It employs a highly productive team of digital natives to combine online and offline strategies. With the help of Internet marketing for student housing, the company has expanded its reach, developed trust and cultivated customer loyalty. Moreover, its website also offers personalized information and updates to users.

Today, 16 million students are enrolled in colleges in the U.S.; many are still young and just settling down. These students represent a great opportunity for student housing providers. But the best way to tap into this audience is by using an integrated strategy that reaches a wide range of students. A well-targeted Internet marketing campaign will not only help generate new leads for your student apartments, but will also help keep the existing ones happy.

Social media has become a staple of student life and the best way to reach potential renters is through digital marketing. Today, students spend an incredible amount of time watching videos and interacting on social media. Using Facebook and Twitter to market your student apartments can be effective, but it's essential to find the right social media platforms to engage with them. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube are among the best platforms to use for Internet marketing for student housing.