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If you are a tower communications service provider, you have to rank high in Google for your services. To do so, you should know which keywords your ideal customers use to find your products and services. Once you know what your ideal customers are searching for, you can start targeting your marketing campaigns. To increase your web presence and get your website ranked high on Google, you should implement SEO strategies. Here are the top ways to get the best rankings for your website in search engines.

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The telecom industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and digital transformation is crucial to the success of any tower company. Tower companies have traditionally been "grass and steel" operations, finding the right land for a tower, handling permits, construction and collecting rent from carriers. However, the changing market dynamics and the proliferation of 5G network technologies have created new business models, requiring tower companies to be more agile, data-driven and pursue new revenue streams. Digital transformation is the catalyst for this change.

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A digital twin is a reliable and scalable set of data points about an asset. For example, a tower company might have thousands of structures throughout the country. By using a service image, a company can see which towers are in the same location, reducing maintenance costs by as much as 25%. The digital twin also provides the benefits of M&A, reducing costs and gaining end-to-end visibility of the assets. It can also act as a single source of truth for a tower company when it transfers assets.

Targeted marketing

A social media presence is essential to building a successful marketing strategy for a communications company like Tower. A social media account should be dynamic, interactive and engaging to generate the desired traffic. As such, the marketing team should coordinate with the onsite operations team to create a strategy that will drive traffic and improve the client experience. Tower's VP of Sustainability and Strategy is responsible for overseeing the company's sustainability initiatives. A social media manager should have eight or more years of experience in marketing, including recent multifamily industry and commercial real estate experience. A marketing team member must be well-versed in social media platforms and have experience with PPC, GeoTargeting, re-targeting and ILS.