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Toy Manufacturer SEO - Why Toys "R" Us is a Great Candidate For SEO

A Toy Manufacturer SEO campaign will help your website rise up the search engine rankings and boost online sales. The process of search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing content and creating backlinks to your website. While it can take time, a good marketing campaign can deliver incredible results. In this article, we will discuss a few strategies that will increase your toy business' online traffic and conversions. This marketing campaign is a long-term investment, but good results are well worth it in the end.

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Toys "R" Us, Inc. was founded in 1948 and is a leading retailer of toys for children. In addition to retailing toys, the company has a strong presence in newspapers, blog postings, and other earned media. Listed below are some of the reasons that the company is a great candidate for SEO. Read on to learn more about their brand, SEO strategy, and how to find an SEO company that can help them grow their online presence.

Toys R Us has a wide range of products and could benefit from SEO services. However, they failed to incorporate digital marketing strategies. The website is not mobile-friendly, which makes it difficult for customers to purchase the toys they want. Toys R Us also failed to optimize its products for search engines and is unable to compete with Amazon and its huge inventory of toys. A good SEO company will help them reach their potential customers and increase their sales.

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In 2007, the company started testing a new format for its flagship stores. The new format was dubbed C-3, which stands for cost-effective, customer-friendly, and long-term vision. The store format included racetrack-style shelving that resembled the layout of discount chains, but did away with the high ceilings of warehouse shelving. Toys R Us also rebranded several departments to increase their product range.

One of the key factors in SEO success is creating a buzz around the brand. Kids don't watch television as much anymore and are glued to their iPads. Hence, to stay competitive in the marketplace, toy manufacturers must adapt their websites to stay relevant. And in the long run, this can only increase their sales. So what can Toys R Us do to stay ahead of the competition?


For example, let's say you're searching for a kettle online. In terms of organic results, Argos comes out at the top, competing against big hitters such as Halfords and Amazon. Although Argos ranks well for some core products, it's not as impressive when it comes to more competitive terms like 'cheap kettle'. The retailer isn't positioning itself as a cheap toy retailer, and is likely spending a lot of money on Google AdWords campaigns. But you can bet that this is the case, given the aforementioned products rank high in organic searches.

Fortunately, Argos isn't the only company in this industry focusing on toy products. Its website also contains a variety of other top-quality links. Those links help build site authority in Google. Similarly, Argos has a high-quality homepage link profile, with 2,152 links coming from unique sources. Those links can be extremely beneficial for the company's organic search engine optimization.

The best way to win back consumers is to understand their search habits. If the product is a kettle, for example, the consumer won't need extensive content. In fact, they'll likely be more inclined to look for more information once they've made up their minds. So the key to successful SEO for Argos is to understand what your consumers are searching for, and what they need. A kettle is easy to understand, and a buyer will probably search for that information online.

In terms of organic search, Argos is the dominant brand in the UK, with prominent positions for over 800 keywords. However, Toys "R" Us and Smyths Toys ranking well, with the other two competitors battling for a small but mighty niche. The Argos toy manufacturer SEO case study looks at how they engage with their customers online. And how do you compete against these giants?


On the UK Google SERPs, Boots appeared from positions 1 to 40. The only time that it fluctuated was when URL B was added to the mix. Compared to the competition, Boots had only two URLs returning, and its position dropped slightly once the new one appeared. In contrast, Argos and Amazon have at least 10 URL changes, while Boots had just one. This means that Boots is among the best-performing toy manufacturers on Google UK.


Toys are a 20-billion dollar industry in the United States alone, and e-commerce is a rapidly growing portion of this industry. With such a competitive nature, small and mid-sized toy manufacturers must do more than just rely on e-commerce platforms to succeed. They must also craft an effective marketing strategy that stands out from the competition, and use innovative products and a robust online marketing campaign to increase visibility and sales.

A strong online toys business must use a process for idea generation, and look for unique products that appeal to children. A simple example of a unique toy is a Creativity Camera, a child-friendly iPhone camera case that allows children to use their parent's iPhone. It was developed after innovators saw moms handing their kids iPhones in public. Toy manufacturers should use a simple and creative process to find products that are unique.

When marketing on Amazon, toy manufacturers should consider how to improve discoverability, as well as the overall success of their SEO efforts. Discoverability refers to how easily people can find and purchase your products. Session count is an important metric to look at, as are product SERP placement and revenue. This information can be found in the Amazon Business Report, and the higher the rate, the better. Investing in advertising on Amazon is essential.

Keyword research is an essential component of Amazon SEO. Not only will keywords drive traffic to your listings, but your Amazon marketing efforts should also help convert those visitors into buyers. Creating an attractive product detail page that satisfies customer needs is essential. By using Amazon's A+ Content tool, toy manufacturers can make their listings more appealing to customers. This service is only available to registered brands on Amazon, but it enables you to arrange text and photos in a way that is more visually appealing to visitors. It also eliminates the tedious step of optimizing product content.

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I worked with Coalition Technologies for more than two years, and they have helped me achieve year-over-year organic growth in revenue and conversion rates. They are extremely responsive, deliver great results, and manage collaboration well. I would highly recommend them for toy manufacturer SEO. They're also pleasant to work with and make suggestions beyond the scope of the project. They'll continually check on my website to ensure it is running at optimal performance.

Coalition Technologies has a proven track record for success, and their team of experienced SEO specialists is based around the world. From national chains to niche boutiques, they know the intricacies of the adult toy industry. If your company wants to stay ahead of the competition online, you should trust the experts at Coalition to handle your SEO. They have a track record of success and have worked with nearly 1000 companies worldwide.

Founded in 2009, Coalition is an SEO and PPC company based in Los Angeles. Their team employs the latest strategies and combines tried and true methods for effective online marketing. They provide services for both first-time websites and ecommerce businesses. Their team can help you get your products noticed and grow your business. Its team has years of experience in the industry and an estimated revenue of $3 million. They have helped many toy manufacturers grow their online business.

While Coalition Technologies has a long history and an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients, WPromote is a worthy competitor. Its team of 400 employees spread across eight offices is focused on sustainable traffic and results. Their goal is to provide 5-star service, deliver results, and earn repeat customers. Their website has been ranked among the top LA agencies for a reason, with their promise of a 155% increase in organic leads.