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The three most important aspects of effective search engine optimization are relevant, easy to implement, and focused on the content of your website. To help you decide which is best for your business, read on for the top three SEO practices. These are all proven to produce high search engine rankings and traffic. Let's take a look at each. And as always, keep reading for more tips and strategies. After all, your website is all about maximizing its visibility, right?

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To improve your visibility in search engine results pages, you must make your content as relevant as possible. This is not always easy as ads, universal results, and images occupy more vertical real estate than ever. That's why the top nine organic results on SERPs are more valuable than ever. Therefore, winning organic search requires highly focused content, well-organized on-page SEO, and relevant backlinks from other web sites. BrightEdge Recommendations can help you in this process.

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While search engine optimization is a continuous process, changeable verticals tend to be more susceptible to disruption. Disruptive technologies often emerge in these sectors, and established behemoths often acquire them. Similarly, intense competition can also affect a sector. Although actual competitors remain stable, the volume of relevant keywords may rise or fall dramatically. Few new players enter page one, while established players compete for the top spot. A bet-spreading keyword strategy may be a more effective way to gain an edge in this dynamic space.